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Bosses to make workplace healthier and happier

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Where around 27 million working days were lost in 2012/13 in England, Wales and Scotland due to illness and stress, managers across the country have been told to “raise their game” by chief health advisers. Guidelines drawn up by NICE, the health watchdog, suggest that employers keep their staff happy by only allowing them to work reasonable hours and encouraging them to take regular breaks. NICE believe that this will not only increase staff morale, but will benefit the productivity of the business as a whole.

Figures reveal that society spends around £13bn a year on work-related illness. NICE’s deputy chief executive, Prof Gillian Leng, said that every year around one million people working in the UK suffer a work-related illness.  She said: “It is not only the physical hazards of work – long, irregular hours, lack of activity or repetitive injuries – that damage people’s health. Other factors such as a lack of control over work, conflicts, and discriminatory practices can also have an effect.

Urges bosses to take control

The guidelines put forward by NICE – the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence – are designed to address these issues, for managers, employers and employees. The document urges bosses to take control of the matter and ensure that their company facilitates a happy and healthy working environment.

The Department of Health said that it should not be a difficult task for bosses to activate new guidelines.

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