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Faulty shower causes holidaymaker to slip

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A package holidaymaker has been awarded £22,000 after sustaining injuries following a slip in her hotel bathroom.  The claimant broke her arm and tore ligaments after slipping on water leaking from a defective shower head whilst on holiday abroad. The injured party had previously reported the problem to the hotel’s management, but nothing was done to repair the fault. The holidaymaker decided to claim for compensation and appointed solicitors.

Her solicitors contacted the holiday company and informed them of her intent to claim. The holiday company passed the case on to their insurers who denied any responsibility. Meanwhile, the claimant’s law firm had opinions taken from medical teams who confirmed that her injuries had left her with certain physical limitations. Evidence was gathered surrounding the claimant’s capacity to carry out her job. Initially, she was unable to work and as a result, lost income causing financial difficulties.  When she was able to return to work she had to carry our lighter duties, and eventually had to accept a different role that attracted a lesser salary.

£7K more than original offer

The claimant’s lawyers continued to negotiate with the defendants, who eventually agreed to accept some of the blame. They accepted to offer compensation, however wanted to split the blame 25/75 in their favour. The claimant was told to reject the offer and negotiations continued. The defendant then came back with a 50/50 offer, which was again rejected. The defendant then responded that the hotel wanted to handle the case themselves and the proceedings ground to a halt. The hotel then handed the case back to the holiday company who handled the matter poorly. As a result, having received a formal complaint from the injured party’s legal team, the company eventually agreed to settle the case offering £7,000 more than the original offer.

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