Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive strain injury, also referred to as RSI, describes a wide variety of conditions that relate to muscle, tendon and soft tissue strain. As the name suggests, such strains are usually caused by repeatedly using a particular body part. In many situations, repetitive strain injury relates to a particular job and occurs in the workplace. If you have suffered a repetitive strain injury at work you should contact a Cardiff specialist as they will be able to talk you through the process and provide an initial assessment with regard to how much compensation may be available.

What causes a Repetitive Strain Injury?

There are many possible causes of repetitive strain injury, including continually doing an activity without a break, manual labour and lifting, incorrect posture or lack of ergonomic equipment, extreme working conditions and/or temperatures and the use of certain types of machinery. Whatever the cause of your repetitive strain injury, Cardiff solicitors** dealing with personal injury claims will be able to assist you and talk you through the process for claiming compensation.

Symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury

Recent research suggests that in the United Kingdom, approximately one in every fifty workers have reported symptoms of repetitive strain injury. These symptoms can vary, but include tender muscles, joint pain, stiff or throbbing body parts and cramp. Such symptoms may develop over time and will often worsen if they are not treated fairly quickly. These symptoms may develop into swelling and change from intermittent to constant pain and ultimately lead to damage that cannot be reversed. When assessing a personal injury claim, the Cardiff personal injury specialists will look in detail at any medical reports to analyse the extent of the injury and possible causes. This will assist in proving negligence and ultimately ensure that the maximum amount of compensation is awarded.

Claim for a Repetitive Strain Injury

Most organisations and other employers are required to undertake workplace or workstation assessments in order to ensure that there are no health and safety breaches that may lead to repetitive strain injury. For example, a common cause of repetitive strain injury is long hours spend typing and using a computer without the correct chair or desk, and this is something that can be caused as a result of employer negligence. Another common example is an employer not allowing reasonable breaks in line with the law and this is also something which may lead to repetitive strain injury.

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