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Out of court settlement for care worker attacked five times

Posted in: Criminal Injury and Assault Employer Negligence Leg Injuries Shoulder Injuries Workplace Injuries 
assault at work physical violence solicitors Cardiff

A carer, who was working in a residential children’s home in West Bromwich, has received an undisclosed amount of compensation from her employer after being attacked five times by the same resident. The carer, who had worked for the home for nine years and had opted to remain unnamed, was initially hit on the legs by […]

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Vibration White Finger victim wins £42K in compensation

Posted in: Employer Negligence Industrial Deafness and Disease 
vibration white finger work compensation claim Cardiff

A worker who had been working for Derbyshire County Council has won £42,000 in compensation in a case brought before Manchester County Court.  The road worker from Derby had been working for his employer since 1973, during which time he had been required to use vibrating tools. Over the years, he developed Vibration White Finger and […]

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£290,000 awarded to widow of electrician exposed to Asbestos for 42 years

Posted in: Asbestos Exposure Employer Negligence Mesothelioma 
Asbestos Claims Solicitors Cardiff, lung cancer claims, mesothelioma

The widow of an electrician, who died after a two year battle against the asbestos-related disease, mesothelioma, has been awarded £290,000 in compensation by his ex-employer. The widow, who has opted to remain anonymous, described how shocked her husband was on learning the news. She said: “My husband had no idea that his job could lead to […]

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Top London hotel compensates injured staff member

Posted in: Foot Injuries Hotel Accidents Public Place Accidents Workplace Injuries Workplace Slip 
foot injury compensation, crush foot claims solicitors Cardiff

A 63-year-old employee of the five star Savoy Hotel in London has received £9,000 in compensation for an injury he received whilst in their employ. Mr Luis Castillo, from Croydon, had been working for the luxury hotel for 17 years, and was hoping to continue in his role of waiter and sommelier until his retirement. Following the […]

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Faulty shower causes holidaymaker to slip

Posted in: Accidents and Sickness Abroad Arm Injury Hotel Accidents Public Place Accidents 
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A package holidaymaker has been awarded £22,000 after sustaining injuries following a slip in her hotel bathroom.  The claimant broke her arm and tore ligaments after slipping on water leaking from a defective shower head whilst on holiday abroad. The injured party had previously reported the problem to the hotel’s management, but nothing was done to […]

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Former construction worker wins compensation

Posted in: Asbestos Exposure Employer Negligence Industrial Deafness and Disease Mesothelioma 
working with asbestos construction exposure protection solicitors Cardiff

A Derbyshire former construction worker, 65-year-old Peter Bowler, has won his compensation claim against his former employer, after being diagnosed with the fatal lung disease mesothelioma. Mr Bowler worked for the same construction worker for two years in the seventies, where he was exposed to asbestos present in corrugated roofing sheets that he had to carry […]

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GP services under pressure

Posted in: Medical Negligence Negligent Cancer Diagnosis NHS Claims 
Medical Malpractice, Negligence and Misdiagnosis - mistakes in surgery and injuries, wrongful death solicitors Cardiff

Chiefs within the NHS in England and Wales are claiming that patients could be facing potential harm due to their GP’s lack of consulting time. They are claiming that due to time and financial constraints within the health service, patients could become increasingly misdiagnosed or mis-prescribed medicines. Dr Chaand Nagpaul, GP leader of the British Medical Association, […]

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Safety of prison detainees being compromised

Posted in: Personal Injury 
Accidents at Work Lawyers Cardiff

In a report published by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons following a review of court cells in Wales, it has been claimed that the safety of detainees is being compromised. The review of 26 courts was carried out in July of last year. Among some of the concerns raised was an excessive use of handcuffs in some […]

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Two midwives responsible for baby death

Posted in: Birth Injury Medical Negligence Wrongful & Accidental Death 
midwife birth medical negligence compensation solicitors Cardiff

Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust have accepted the findings in a report commissioned by NHS England, that two midwives should be held responsible for the death of a baby six hours after her birth. The report was carried out by the External Midwifery Supervisory Review after years of campaigning by the baby’s parents. Kate Stanton-Davies died just […]

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73% drop in mental health patients in police cells

Posted in: Medical Negligence 
accident at work solicitors Cardiff, Wales

A 73 percent drop in mental health patients being locked up in police cells since January 2015 has been announced by Devon and Cornwall Police. It has been revealed that police forces in the area have made the decision to take people detained with mental health issues to Accident and Emergency wards instead of locking […]

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