Dog, Pet and Animal Injuries

Although most people understand the various processes in place if they suffer an injury as a result of negligence by an individual or an organisation, many people are unclear about the process should they suffer an injury which is caused by a dog or another pet or animal. Several recent cases relating to dog attacks has highlighted this area, but it is very important to remember that if you have been injured by a dog, pet or other animal it is important that you speak to a solicitor** in Cardiff as soon as is reasonably possible.

Dog Bite Injury Claims

Although some injuries may seem trivial, a number of injuries arising out of a bite from a dog or other pet may lead to other injuries and a number of complications, and you may well be entitled to compensation. A common example is being bitten by a dog that is not been properly controlled by its owner. In such an example, you may be entitled to compensation as the owner has a responsibility to ensure that the dog is under control and does not cause any harm or injury to other people. Other examples include injuries caused by horses or road traffic accidents caused by dogs, pets and animals.

The most commonly quoted  legislation in this area is The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, which states that dogs which are known to be dangerous and meet certain criteria must be muzzled and/or micro chipped. However, perhaps the most used legislation relating to dog, pet and animal injuries is the Animals Act 1971. This Act details the responsibilities of an animal owner and can be used in many examples where an individual has suffered a personal injury. The Act explains that one must look in detail at not only the extent of the injury but also whether the injury was reasonably foreseeable, and whether the animal owner was negligent in their care of the animal. However, it is important to note that the Act is a complex one and therefore it is imperative that you contact our expert personal injury solicitors** Cardiff who will be able to discuss your particular claim in more detail.

Dog, Pet and Animal Attack solicitors Cardiff

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