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Top London hotel compensates injured staff member

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A 63-year-old employee of the five star Savoy Hotel in London has received £9,000 in compensation for an injury he received whilst in their employ. Mr Luis Castillo, from Croydon, had been working for the luxury hotel for 17 years, and was hoping to continue in his role of waiter and sommelier until his retirement. Following the accident, however, he became unable to stand for long periods of time due to the injury he had sustained to his foot

Mr Castillo had been moving through the kitchen area carrying a tray with drinks when he stepped on some spilled grease causing him to fall. He sustained soft tissue damage to his foot and consequently was unable to work for the following three months. 

“I am now limited in the work I can do”

Upon realising that he would be unable to work full-time as before, Mr Castillo appointed solicitors to act on his behalf.  He stated: “It was important for me to pursue compensation because I am now limited in the work I can do.  I can only take shifts now and again. Had this accident not happened I would have expected to work full time right up to retirement”.

His solicitors stressed the importance of employers ensuring that staff have a safe environment to work in, including particular attention to timely clean-up of spillages and providing safe flooring and lighting.

The Savoy admitted liability and settled the claim for £9,000.

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