Sports Injury Compensation

Although most of the time playing sport is extremely enjoyable and is good for the health, it sometimes leads to sports injuries. Although such injuries may simply be caused by not warming up sufficiently or by attempting something that is more than capability allows, many sports injuries are caused as a result of another individual or parties’ negligence. A Cardiff expert will be able to assist you to determine where the responsibility lies, and ultimately whether or not there is a potential compensation claim as a result of the sports injury.

Sport Related Injuries

Common examples of such sports injuries include those that arise as a result of aggressive and dangerous tackle during a football match or an injury suffered as a result of defective equipment in the gym. In addition to this, sports injuries may also be a result of an injury suffered whilst watching a sporting event as a result of a health and safety breach. Sports injuries can lead to a wide range of injuries, such as bruises, cuts and sprains and more serious broken bones or head injuries.

If you have suffered such an injury it is important that you keep detailed records of the injury, including any medical reports or notes and any other information relating to the injury such as pictures of the injury and how and where it occurred. In addition to this, a Cardiff personal injury specialist will ask you for details of any witnesses and other pieces of information with will be relative to the facts at the time.

Make a Claim for a Sports Injury

In most compensation claims for sports injuries, the matter will be settled without the need to go to court. Having to attend court leads to an increase in costs for all parties involved and therefore those involved will attempt to resolve matters before this becomes necessary. This is even more likely if the issue of fault can be agreed. In such situations, the insurance company representing the party at fault should settle the claim without the need for protracted legal negotiations. However, if there is a need to attend court the Cardiff solicitors** will ensure that you fully understand the process and are supported throughout.

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