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Head Injuries in Cardiff

One of the most common, and dangerous injuries we deal with are head injuries. Head injuries can vary in severity, from concussions or severe bruising to a gash or fractured skull, and can occur in almost any accident. Regardless of the extent of your injury, if you receive a head injury it can cause immediate and long-lasting problems, with severe headaches, dizziness, double vision, disability and even death all possible as a result of a blow to the head.

While holding those responsible to account and seeking compensation is important, at Personal Injury Claims Cardiff we believe your health and safety is paramount. If you receive a head knock, we strongly suggest you to seek the advice of medical experts before making a claim. This will ensure that you are cared for and will grant our team of solicitors** a solid platform to build your personal injury claim on. By ensuring you get your head injury examined, you can find out the full extent of your injuries.

What Type of Accidents Do We Cover

At Personal Injury Claims Cardiff, we cover numerous types of head injuries. If you have been involved in any accident and suffered from any of the injuries listed below, or any head injury in general, you could be able to make a personal injury claim. We cover:

It is important to note that the accidents listed above are merely a list of the most common types of injuries and are not the only injury types we cover. If you have suffered a head injury and believe you may be entitled to make a compensation claim, contact us today.

Due to the nature of head injuries, and the potential long-term issues that can arise as a result of such injuries, personal injury claims involving head injuries can often lead to larger amounts of compensation.

Experience Counts

As just mentioned, the severity and long term issues regarding head knocks can lead to more compensation for clients. However, the complications around head injuries can be much more complex than other claims. Whilst your claim may seem like a simple, open-and-shut case, head injuries can have serious complications and can quickly spiral out of hand. When making a head injury claim we urge you to use our team of expert solicitors. Choosing the right solicitor** can make a huge difference to the amount you can obtain in damages.

While it is difficult to immediately assess how much your claim is worth, our team of expert lawyers will be able to use their experience and knowledge of the law to get the best result for you. Once your claim has been assessed, and other aspects have been investigated, we will be able to estimate how much your claim is worth. Our team will be able to use their experience in previous cases to ensure that you get the most amount of compensation as possible.

A head injury claim may not be dealt with in court, with many cases agreeing to settle outside judicial proceedings. Therefore it is important that you have an experienced lawyer to ensure that you get the best deal for you. If you are offered a settlement for your injuries, it is vital that you contact a solicitor.

What Do You Need To Make A Claim

In order to make a claim, you will need to provide our team with certain details so that they can investigate your case. Our solicitors** will need to know where and when the incident occurred, they may also require certain details regarding insurance, the contact details of any witnesses to the incident and a medical report on the injury.

It is important to be open and honest with our team when making a claim so that they can build the strongest possible case. We may ask you to seek a medical report of the incident because the more evidence you have, the stronger the case you can build.

No Win, No Fee Cardiff

At Personal Injury Claims Cardiff, we pride ourselves on our strong relationship with clients and our high level of customer satisfaction. Like many of our other local sites, our Cardiff legal team work exclusively on a no win, no fee* basis. This means that if we are unsuccessful in getting any compensation for your injury, we will not charge for any of the legal services provided. We believe that this encourages our customers to get the compensation they are entitled to and keeps our customer satisfaction levels high.

If we are successful in getting compensation for your injuries we will take a small fee to cover our expenses, however we truly believe it is our client that deserves the bulk of the compensation. Therefore we take a minimal fee that is never more than 25% of the compensation awarded. We know the difference compensation can make in recuperation.

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