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Out of court settlement for care worker attacked five times

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A carer, who was working in a residential children’s home in West Bromwich, has received an undisclosed amount of compensation from her employer after being attacked five times by the same resident. The carer, who had worked for the home for nine years and had opted to remain unnamed, was initially hit on the legs by a chair. She was struck so violently with the chair that a permanent dent was left on her leg. She reported the attack to her employers, believing that the assailant would be moved to a secure unit for both his and other people’s safety. It was, however, five months later and a further four attacks on the carer later that action was eventually taken to move the violent resident. The teenager was known to have violent tendencies and inappropriate sexual behaviour when he was first sent to the care home.

Forced to leave her job

In the other four incidences, the carer was threatened to have her throat cut by a piece of jagged Perspex. He then punched her so hard on the arm twice that she had to seek physiotherapy. This did not work however, and her injuries caused degenerative damage to her right shoulder resulting in her not being able to restrain residents when necessary. As a result she was unable to continue in her post and was forced to leave her job.

The carer’s solicitors stressed that the violent resident should have been placed in a secure unit at the first sign of violence in order to protect employees, as well as himself, however he had been allowed to continue to attack the employee. It was three months after the final attack on the carer that action was taken to remove the violent resident, by which time the carer was unable to work.

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council admitted blame and an out of court settlement was agreed.

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