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Gwent councils see £300k payouts

Posted in: Road Traffic Accidents 

Four of Gwent’s councils have had to payout more than £300k in the last five years due to motorists claiming against refuse vehicles. This was recently uncovered in a Freedom of Information request made to Blaenau Gwent, Newport, Torfaen, Monmouthshire and Caerphilly councils, asking how much they had paid out in compensation between 2008-13 to third parties and their representatives for motor claims. 

The claims included personal injury, property damage, medical fees and expert fees. Where Newport council only paid out £35,236, Caerphilly council paid out a total of £153,105.  One spokeswoman from Caerphilly council said: “To give the figures some context, Caerphilly council has 27 front-line waste collection vehicles, which are out across the county borough every day.

Drivers of these vehicles must have a valid drivers license, applicable to the vehicle they’re driving, and an additional theory qualification if they’re handling a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes.  The drivers and crews have to undergo general health and safety training, such as reverse assistant training. As well as this, when new lorries are introduced from a new manufacturer, drivers are provided with additional training to familiarise themselves with the different methods of operation. 

  • Between 2012-13, 12 claims were made against the councils amounting to £4,813 (the lowest in five years)
  • Between 2011-12, 16 claims were made against the refuse vehicles that amounted to £6,299
  • Between 2010-11, 22 claims were made, amounting to £25,812
  • Between 2009-10, 19 claims were made, amounting to £44,887
  • Between 2008-09, 15 claims were made, totalling £19,622

Between April 2008 and March 2013, the council in Blaenau Gwent paid out £21,483.21 to third parties in relation to refuse vehicle claims.

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