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Payouts to teachers at all time high

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New figures have revealed that in the last year alone, teachers have been awarded tens of millions of pounds in compensation for accidents at work.  The figures found there to have been a great increase in payouts to school staff, with the total reaching a record level.  Information produced by three of the UK’s largest unions showed that school staff were being awarded five or six-figure payouts, which totaled more than £40 million last year.

The UK’s largest teachers’ union, NASUWT, said that they had secured 30% more compensation for their members than in the previous year – seeing a rise to £20.7m awarded to school staff in 2013.  The payouts went to staff injured in slips, trips and falls, teachers attacked by pupils and those injured in general workplace accidents.

Half a million pounds compensation

One teacher in the West Midlands was awarded £300,000 after suffering severe personal injuries from trying to break up a playground fight.  The 33-year-old secondary school teacher suffered injuries to her face, neck, head and right arm after being assaulted by the two fighting pupils.  Another teacher in the East Midlands received half a million pounds after sustaining injuries in a plummeting lift.

General secretary of the NASUWT Chris Keates said: “The tragedy is that in most cases compensation would not be unnecessary if employers followed good employment practices and followed health and safety procedures.

The Association of Teachers and Lectureres (ATL) said they had attained more than £4.6m in compromise agreements, with over £180,000 going to members who had lodged employment tribunal claims and nearly £500,000 to injured members and their families.

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