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Swansea council pays out £58k in personal injury claims

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In the past three years alone, Swansea Council has paid out almost £60,000 to personal injury claimants. A total of seven claimants have suffered severe injuries after falling on the authority-owned property since April 2012. The figures were released following a Freedom of Information request, yet the council refused to provide information on the locations of the accidents because of commercial reasons.

2012/13 saw one claimant receive £5,585 after tripping on council property while another claimant was awarded £4,566 after slipping and injuring their shoulder and ribs. A further £8,509 was awarded to an individual who fell and injured their arm.

“Authority works hard to prevent accidents”

In 2013/14 two successful claimants won £7,712 and £7,566 after tripping and falling on council property, while another person received £2,973 after suffering a fractured wrist. The largest payout, £21,462, went to someone who slipped and suffered a leg injury.

The director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, Andy Silvester, said that it was the taxpayer that would end up covering the compensation at a time when taxpayers’ money is “an extraordinarily precious resource.

A spokesperson from Swansea Council defended the authority’s compensation record. They said: “We have a high success rate in defending these claims as the authority works hard to prevent accidents and incidents occurring.

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