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Workers in hospital following chemical incident

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Over ten employees have been rushed to hospital after a chemical incident at a foods factory.  The accident happened yesterday morning when two cleaning agents were mixed, releasing a poisonous gas. A major incident response was launched immediately after the incident at English Provender Company (EPC) on River Lane, Saltney.

Around a dozen workers were taken to hospital after inhaling the dangerous gas. They were “decontaminated” before being taken to hospital in Chester.  Some of the workers were struggling to breathe due to coughing while they awaited the ambulance at around 11:30 yesterday morning.  The Welsh Ambulance Service said that many of the workers required oxygen at the scene due to respiratory tract irritation.  Some of the workers were taken to hospital in emergency vehicles in paper suits to prevent further contamination.

“Currently under investigation”

The EPC said that an investigation has been launched to determine the source of the incident.  A company statement read: “The emergency services were requested to attend as per company procedure and the incident was contained within the facility.”  It continued: “The circumstances surrounding the incident are currently under investigation.

As well as the North Wales Ambulance Service, fire crews from Chester, Deeside, Wrexham and Buckley attended the incident, with further assistance from the Incident Response Unit from Deeside and the Environmental Protection Unit from Wrexham and North Wales Police.

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