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Ambulance stuck in pothole with patient for four hours

Posted in: Medical Negligence Pothole Injuries Road Traffic Accidents 

An ambulance in Neath was stuck for four hours with a patient onboard. The ambulance had picked up the patient from a back lane in Neath when it became stuck in a “precarious position” before being hauled free four hours later. A second ambulance came to take the patient to hospital while the ambulance had to await the assistance of a tractor to haul it out.

The accident happened on the way to the Morriston Hospital after an ambulance was sent for a woman that was seriously ill and required immediate treatment.  The Welsh Ambulance Service stressed that the woman received no further injuries as a result of the incident; however, many have raised concerns that this could have had a serious impact. 

Roads should be maintained better

It was heard that the ambulance driver made numerous attempts to free the ambulance from the pothole in the road, however they eventually decided that the ambulance could topple over, so phoned for backup. A witness who lives on the street in Skewen argued that if the roads were better maintained, incidents like this wouldn’t happen and lives wouldn’t be put at risk.

A spokesperson from the ambulance service said: “While waiting for the vehicle to be recovered, a second emergency ambulance and an ambulance officer were dispatched to the address and conveyed the patient safely to hospital.

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