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Death prompts ambulance increase

Posted in: Medical Negligence Wrongful & Accidental Death 

The death of a young girl in Gwynedd has prompted the ambulance service to reevaluate its staffing levels in rural areas. The six-year-old girl died from chocking while on holiday with her family. The Welsh Ambulance Service sent two community first responders who arrived within 16 minutes – double the eight-minute response time target – but they were unable to save her.

Jasmine Lapsley was on holiday with her family in Morfa Nefyn when she started to choke at 20:30 on Tuesday.  Emergency services were contacted immediately and sent two community first responders, two ambulances, a rapid response vehicle and an RAF helicopter. The first responders took 16 minutes to arrive at the holiday home.

Population is four times higher in summer

The ambulance service aims to reach 65% of serious and life-threatening calls within eight minutes. Ms Saville Roberts, a representative for the Morfa Nefyn ward, said that the area’s population is almost four times higher in summer, meaning that the staffing levels of paramedics should be increased during this time to compensate.

Ms Roberts said: “We need a proper picture of the sort of service that’s being provided in rural areas.

The Welsh Ambulance Service said that they are currently investigating its response to the accident.

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