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Injured marine’s wife fears for future

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The wife of a Marine left paralysed following a diving accident fears for the future after a losing battle for compensation. 27-year-old Spencer Vaughan, from Cwmbran in Torfaen, broke his neck diving into shallow waters in the Canary Islands in July 2009. Because the Royal Marine had been off work at the time of his injury, the High Court ruled that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) was not liable for his injuries. Mr Vaughan’s wife, Jodie, said that she is worried for their financial future when his employment comes to an end.

Mrs Vaughan said that she would encourage her husband to keep returning to the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme as she argues that the accident did happen during his working time. She said that her husband suffered his injury while he and his fellow servicemen waited for the wind to change before setting sail.  She said: “Everybody that we’ve spoken to, every military personnel, believes that while you’re on exercise you’re on duty 24/7 and I want to make people aware that isn’t the case.

Travel insurance unclear

Mrs Vaughan said that her husband was supposed to receive joining instructions before travelling to Gran Canaria, which would have informed him to take out travel insurance. It was not made clear that without travel insurance, he was only covered while on the boat and sailing.

Mr Vaughan is tetraplegic as a result of the accident, meaning that he is unable to move his legs or core. He also has no hand function, which makes day-to-day activities impossible.  Mrs Vaughan said that as soon as her husband’s operations have come to an end, he will no longer be employed. She continues to fight for his full medical pension.

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