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NHS reforms cause protest

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An estimated 5,000 health professionals and union members recently marched through London in an attempt to prevent further change to the NHS. Worries of additional A&E closures, front-line staff cuts and the augmented privatisation of medicine have triggered a need for immediate action. 

Protestors fear that the NHS is trying to save money instead of benefiting its patients.  Sue Tarr, from the Royal College of Nursing, said: “London’s nurses are here today because they’re worried that changes are being made to the NHS to save money, rather than to improve services for patients.

The march began at 2pm on the 18th of May, starting in South Bank and ending in Whitehall. Prior to this, letters were delivered to 10 Downing Street voicing concerns. 

Long-term Labour supporter, Actor Roger Lloyd Pack, also joined the march – stating: “Now we find it is under attack as though it was the cause of all our ills when in truth it is a national treasure.

The Department for Health, however, believes that these changes are necessary to further improve our National Health Service – stating that their proposed changes are based on  “sound clinical advice” and would show a “clear benefit”.  In spite of this, a spokeswoman has recognised that health professionals are by far the most knowledgeable on what changes should be made to the NHS. 

Accompanied by a motorbike escort, protestors raised a ‘Save the NHS’ banner on Waterloo Bridge.  One of the organisers, Jos Bell, described the march as “very memorable” and hopes that they “got the message out”. 

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