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Sky swing accident at Cardiff winterwonderland

Posted in: Public Place Accidents 

The sky swing ride at Cardiff’s winterwonderland had to be shut down last week after two of the chairs crashed into each other mid-air. The accident happened last Friday while people were on the ride. Passengers were left petrified after a strong gust of wind sent the empty carriages flying to the top of the 60m (198ft) ride.

The operators of the ride, Sayers Amusements, said that there was absolutely no fault with the ride and that it had been working properly over the weekend.  On Monday however, 8 December, it was shut down again because of the forecasted strong winds. The operators said that there would probably be little business during the day because of the weather. They added that if the wind speed reaches 22.37mph, then the ride shuts down automatically as a safety measure.

“It’s all been fine since”

The company said that following the accident last week, that saw two carriages crash into each other, they would now add extra weight to the empty gondolas to prevent the accident from happening again. The site manager, Norman Sayers, said that he was perfectly happy with the ride’s safety.

Mr Sayers said: “When it happened the ride was stopped, the customers came down, we explained what happened and offered everyone refunds. There were no concerns at the time and it’s all been fine since.

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