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Walker falls 20ft due to loose rock

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Loose rocks have been recognised by a mountain rescue worker as an increasing problem on Snowdonia’s peaks as yet another walker has fallen as result of them. The man had been walking at the base of Tryfan’s North Ridge when a rock that he had been holding on to gave way, causing him to fall 20ft.  He suffered serious injuries to his head and leg.

The accident happened on Wednesday, 17th September, with Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue called out just before 4pm. One member of the rescue team, Chris Lloyd, said that the injured man from the mid-Wales borders had been tackling the route alongside three companions.  The man, believed to be around 40, had attempted to pull his body weight up on a rock, which gave way in his hand. The fall caused him to suffer serious lacerations to his head and an injury to his lower leg.

“Loose rocks appear to be more common recently”

The emergency rescue team was immediately contacted and dispatched. A stretcher party and 22 Squadron (for RAF Valley) were sent to the scene and the Sea King winched the casualty from the base of the ridge. He was taken immediately to Ysbyty Gwynedd for treatment.

Mr Lloyd said that the team had been called to the scenes of many accidents caused by loose rocks recently.  He said: “loose rocks appear to be more common recently.

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