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Slowest ambulance times since 2011

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New figures have revealed that the number of ambulances making the target response times have fallen to the lowest level in three years. The Welsh Ambulance Service reached 51% of urgent emergency responses within eight minutes, 14 percentage points lower than the 65% national target. In October, 55.5% of called ambulances reached the scene within the time target, whereas October 2013 was the last time the service met the 65% target.

The figures, which were released on Tuesday 30 December, showed that the calls made in November were up by 5% on the calls made in November 2013. 36,091 calls were made in November, of which 14,061 were immediately life-threatening, ‘category A’. The ambulance service highlighted this increase in calls, both general and immediately life-threatening.

“Not where anyone would like them to be”

A Welsh Ambulance Service spokesperson said that the delayed response times are being looked into. Gordon Roberts, interim national head of operations, said: “We absolutely recognise that our response times are not where anyone would like them to be.

A Welsh Government spokesperson pointed out that this is a difficult time for the ambulance service and ambulance services across the UK. He said that the service is doing the best they can to respond quickly to all life-threatening calls and get people to hospital.

The government gave the service £7.5m earlier this year to recruit an additional 120 frontline staff. 70 have been appointed since April, with another 12 having started in December. There has also been a £4m investment in new ambulances.

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