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Swindon man wins £4million in compensation after car accident

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A man from Swindon has been awarded £4million in compensation after a serious car crash left him “too angry to work”. Paul Vallance from Baydon, near Malborough, suffered a severe brain injury in a car accident in 2006.  At the time of the accident doctors were unaware of the severity of the damage, but a few months later he lost his job due to anger issues.

It was then found by doctors that the brain injury he suffered had affected his ability to exercise self-control or regulate his language use. Brain scans revealed that he had seriously damaged the frontal lobe of his brain in the accident, which damaged his emotional control and general behaviour. Where Mr Vallance had originally been compensated a small sum for his physical injuries, he has now been awarded £4million following an eight-year-long legal battle.

“Replaced by a much angrier man”

The £4million compensation will cover a lifelong rehabilitation programme alongside further care and support. Mr Vallance’s mother, Tina Collins, said that the compensation would help support Paul but that it couldn’t turn back the clock. She said: “My loving son had been replaced by a much angrier, hostile young man”.

Mr Vallance’s lawyer said: “For a young man to be faced with the prospect of never being able to work again or live independently without support is unimaginable.” They added that they were delighted to have won justice for Mr Vallance.

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