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Museum boss awarded £500,000

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A museum boss has been awarded £500,000 in compensation for the trauma she experienced when paramedics were seventeen minutes late to reach her after dislocating her knee on the bus home. 50-year-old Ceri Leigh worked for the National History Museum organising exhibitions.  In 2008 she dislocated her knee when getting on a bus at Wimbledon Station after getting trapped between two seats.  Mrs Leigh suffered extreme pain and had to be held down by other passangers to prevent further injury.  As a result, Mrs Leigh now suffers with post-traumatic stress disorder.

When paramedics failed to reach the accident on time, arriving 17 minutes late, Mrs Leigh was in such severe pain that she has developed PTSD as a result.  She was waiting with her leg trapped between the seats of the bus for 50 minutes before paramedics arrived.  She now suffers from flashbacks, anxiety and seizures, which can cause her to collapse. Mrs Leigh is no longer able to work as a result of the accident.  Due to this, a Judge at London’s High Court awarded Mrs Leigh with £522,379 in compensation last month.

“Unable to travel outside on her own”

When paramedics eventually arrived, Mrs Leigh was treated with painkillers and they managed to manipulate the leg back into place.  Despite this, full leg function was not fully recovered for around 18 months after the accident and she became completely housebound.  Mrs Leigh even appeared at the High Court via webcam to save her from the trauma of travelling from her home in South Wales.

The judge said: “She is unable to travel outside on her own. She is largely housebound. When she goes outside with a family member, she may suddenly collapse in the street.

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